Innovative new Slade infusion bags to improve medication safety and quality

Slade Writers / 25 May, 2017

Slade Health is introducing a new and improved design feature for its infusion bags which will be rolled out for use in hospitals from June 2017.

Slade Cytotoxic and Non-Cytotoxic infusion bags which are currently black, will change to a bold purple and orange colour respectively along with other design features such as large coloured stripes to easily identify storage conditions for the medication.

CEO of Slade Health, David Slade, said that the colour identifiers would make it easier and safer for the company’s pharmacy and hospital partners to deliver medication to their patients.

“Providing visual cues for our Cytotoxic and Non-Cytotoxic bags will improve product handling and will reduce potential for waste from incorrect storage conditions,” he said.

The new bags mean nursing staff will no longer require scissors to open the bag, reducing the risk of cytotoxic spills.

The new bags come with an easy-tear off perforation. This will make handling chemotherapy far safer for nursing staff.

“Safety and quality are our number one priorities. We’re always looking for innovative ways to reduce risk throughout the supply chain,” Mr Slade said.

“These changes make chemotherapy management easier and far safer for our customers.”

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