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Slade provides the complete range of sterile compounding services including chemotherapy, analgesics, antibiotics and TPN compounding.

Quality is embedded into every stage of the compounding process – from the time we receive an order, to the time your patients are administered their dosage.

Our raw materials are sourced only from qualified suppliers who meet our high standards of testing and quality control. The Slade quality management system guarantees that customised medications are prepared safely and appropriately under stringent operating conditions.

Our compounding servicesOur compounding services

Discover how we compound a premium productDiscover how we compound a premium product

  • 1. Order Entry

    Customer orders are received by fax, email, phone or online via the Slade Health Order Tracking (SHOT) platform. Orders are checked and confirmed with customers before going into production.

  • 2. Gowning

    Before entering the graded area, staff decontaminate their hands and wear protective clothing to maintain sterility of the product.

  • 3. Picking

    Our technicians pick the products required for the ‘batch’ – or final product. The products are verified through our online quality assurance barcode scanner. Once the batch has been confirmed, the process proceeds to next stage.

  • 4. Decontamination Area

    Each product goes through a two-step decontamination process before going into the Clean Room.

  • 5. Compounding

    A dedicated compounder works with an assistant in each cabinet, verifying dose calculations are correct and consistent. Once dose is drawn up, the assistant verifies the dose visually, then electronically before the compounded product leaves the cabinet.

  • 6. Packing

    Technician performs pressure test and visual test before the product is sealed in two IV bags. All previous manipulations are verified, including the dose added to the product. All labels are electronically verified to be correct before sealing the final product.

  • 7. Releasing

    A Slade Health pharmacist performs a complete review of the order. All processes involved in preparing the dose are checked, from the customers’ original order form, right through to the point of dispatch.

  • 8. Dispatch

    Products are scanned as they are placed in a dispatch box. A final barcoding check is performed to ensure the product has the correct storage conditions.

  • 9. Transport

    Slade’s team of local couriers or freight couriers deliver the product. Vans are specially modified to ensure the stability of the product between facilities.


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