Avondale processes first antibiotic compounding order

Slade Writers / 02 Aug, 2023

Slade Health marked another significant milestone at its state-of-the-art GMP licensed compounding facility in Auckland by processing the first compounding order.

The commencement of antibiotic compounding at Slade Health New Zealand follows closely on the heels of the facility’s first-ever chemotherapy dose compounding, which took place just over six months ago. 

Located in the heart of Auckland, the facility is a testament to Slade Health’s commitment to world-class sterile manufacturing, catering to New Zealand’s healthcare needs. The team of 35, which includes pharmacists, technicians, logistics and administration, produce and dispatch approximately 300 essential infusions to New Zealanders every day.  

Built to service both public and private hospitals, the facility offers a comprehensive range of medical solutions, including chemotherapy, antibiotics, and analgesics and clinical trials. The partnership with Te Toka Tumai Auckland, a significant healthcare provider that treats 40% of New Zealand’s patients, will see Slade Health support this demand alongside a growth in services to the wider New Zealand market. 

Speaking about the facility’s achievements, Philippa Trout, New Zealand Country Manager for Slade Health, highlighted the importance of the Auckland facility in the broader healthcare landscape: 

“Our Auckland facility is not just a testament to our commitment to excellence but also a beacon of hope for patients across New Zealand. With our roots in Australia and our expansion into New Zealand, we are bridging the gap and ensuring that patients receive the best care, irrespective of their location.” 

Pictured: Afia and Holly with the first compounded antibiotics from Slade Health New Zealand

Slade Health’s dedication to healthcare excellence and the needs of their hospital partners is evident in the development of the Slade Health Order Tracking (SHOT) system, which allows hospital pharmacists to place, track and review orders in real time and manage multiple patient orders from the one system. To help prevent waste, SHOT orders can be accessed online and changes made right up until the last minute.  

As part of Icon Group, our mission centres on the timely delivery of quality products, so patients can be treated as close to home as possible, and is a commitment upheld daily with deliveries to hospital partners across the southern hemisphere.

Held to globally recognised Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (known as PIC/S) safety standards, each one of Slade Health’s sterile compounding facilities maintains strict adherence to the highest standards of Goods Manufacturing Practice. 

A person works on a computer and smiles at the camera he is dressed in a long giwn and wears medical gloves to handle the compounded orders
A person works on a computer and smiles at the camera he is dressed in a long giwn and wears medical gloves to handle the compounded orders
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