Slade Health becomes first licensed paperless compounder in Australia

Slade Writers / 23 Feb, 2021

Slade Health has become the first licensed paperless compounder in Australia.

This initiative will not only save over five tonnes of paper annually but it will enhance our ability to deliver high quality and timely services to our customers across Australia.

The transition to a paperless environment is the result of a large-scale project to transform how we compound patient-specific medicines. As well as a reduction in our environmental footprint, the project will deliver increased efficiencies via a streamlined process that removes the need to print paper documents. From a product safety perspective, a fully digital environment will offer greater scope for validation and timely issue resolution.

CEO and founder David Slade, said that the preparation for Slade Health’s paperless launch had been a whole-of-business effort over twelve months in the making.

“In addition to new operational processes, we faced the enormous task of rolling out training to team members across our three sites in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria in the setting of a global pandemic and border restrictions.”

“This is an incredible milestone in Slade Health’s history and reflects our ongoing commitment to and passion for innovation in the field of compounding.”

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