Slade’s compounding IT guru

Slade Writers / 31 May, 2021

Andrew Inchley has built his career on getting to the heart of issues and constructing innovative solutions.

Over the last 12 years with Icon Group and Slade, he has embraced opportunities to refine a unique skill set, blending pharmaceutical knowledge with a solid grounding in IT. Andrew is our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Systems Manager at Mt Waverley. It’s a diverse role in which Andrew serves as the interface between operations on the manufacturing floor and the IT systems that drive them.

“A lot of what we do is around quality assurance and reporting. We challenge the system we’ve designed to ensure it will behave the way we expect, and we analyse it to identify areas for improvement. We look at ways to help users make decisions, reduce errors, and provide clearer and synthesised information.”

It’s no surprise then, that Andrew says the best part of his role is the challenge of problem solving.

“I could never be bored in a job. I’m driven by the unique challenges of every day.”

“I’m lucky enough to be invited to assist on projects that call for innovative solutions. I have the chance to look at something and say, ‘we can do it differently, we can do it better.’”

“And this is what Slade Health promises – change and progress.”

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